We turn African kids into Digital Wizards.

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Students Impact

  • Students can use coding to upgrade their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ultimately unleashing their creativity to build things that could change the world.
  • Students learn to create technology that will not only put schools in the spotlight but put Africa in the limelight.

Schools Impact

  • We help position African schools as forward-thinking institutions with world class facilities and well-structured ICT program, ultimately boosting student enrollment and revenue.
  • With no money down, schools can have a fully equipped computer lab, professional instructor and world class curriculum.
  • The job market of the future will increasingly require that we must educate ourselves in the direction where jobs are available.


Our Approach

  • We teach using our bespoke Ignorance-to-brilliance learning model which blends audio-visual lessons, case studies, games, group tasks and instant feedback to keep students informed, engaged and inspired.
  • With no money down, schools can offer their students world class computer science education today.
  • With their new-found coding skills, students can create the next Facebook instead of chatting on Facebook.

Our Courses

List of courses we offer at ComCastle.


Learn how to build Web and mobile Applications.

Graphics Design

Learn different types of designs and unleash creativity and artistry.


Learn automation and how to build robots

Problem solving

The will learn computational problem solving and design thinking.

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